Our ValuedPartners

Blooming Words is supported by the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale, who believes it to be very beneficial for children and families. From fall 2020, a prototype has been tested at the Centre d’expertise pour le bien-être et le développement des enfants, with the clientele served by youth protection. Since then, the CIUSSS-CN has worked continuously for the development and validation of the tool, and has integrated it into its service offer in all its territories as of fall 2022.

Desjardins has set up a $250 million fund to invest in communities and support projects that have the potential to transform our society: the GoodSpark Fund. The purpose of this Fund is to support projects that address local priorities such as education, employment, economic vitality and the environment between now and 2024. To date, more than 700 projects (including the Blooming Words program) have been supported thanks to this fund.

Blooming Words has been developed with the financial support of Quebec City’s Vision entrepreneuriale Québec 2026. Focusing on entrepreneurship, innovation, growth, financing and support, the Vision entrepreneuriale Québec 2026 purpose is to make Quebec City the entrepreneurial capital of the country. This vision embodies financial assistance programs and measures to help enterprises grow. The Vision project is supported by the Quebec government with over $134.7 million in funding. Quebec City, the Secrétariat à la Capitale-Nationale and Québec International are key partners in making the Vision known.

The Community Foundations of Canada are pleased to provide funding to API-Enfance through the Canada Healthy Communities Initiative. This is a program established by the Government of Canada to fund innovative, local, community-led projects that make public spaces safer, improve mobility options and/or provide virtual or digital solutions to meet changing community needs resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.